Wednesday, January 18, 2012

O'briens Mid Valley

Yummy, as I promise to O'briens Director, I manage to try the O'Briens Tripledecker 
toasted with chicken, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw, tomato, red onion & mixed leaves,as my lunch. I am really happy to have O'briens at Mid Valley.

It can be sharing for 2 pax

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Cook porridge @ Port Dickson

A place I must visit when i go to Port Dickson.

Tanjung Biru - Blue Lagoon which is located at Batu 10 Port Dickson.

Look what are the similarity of the above picture? Jadens always have the same pose.

The beach compare batu 8 & batu 10, I like batu 10 more, because the beach is more clean and less stone. 
 Another main reason, why I love batu 10 is they have great food sell at the food court. I personally love the home cook chicken porridge. I am highly recommend you to try if you are happen to go Port Dickson.

The store is operate by Chinese (Family business for more then 10 years)

Where to Eat?

Dear Hubby:

Where should we have dinner today? Do you have any ideas?

Dear My Lovely Wife:

Please use all coupons that you bought at

Dear Hubby:

Wah.... see you are very smart.... always have good answer for my questions. Love you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

帝味 Di Wei Chinese Restaurant

It had been long time i did not eat Dim Sum. Is lovely to gather with a group of people who love food and appreciate food. Where we been??? We went to eat dim sum at 帝味 Di Wei Chinese Restaurant, located at Empire Subang.

This is my favorite 老城生包 Pan-fried Meat Bun (3 pieces), this is soft outside, juicy inside and crispy at the bottom, 3 types of sensation... 

 Before staring the meal, while waiting let's munch some sour stuff...... guess what it this? is Papaya, this is so refreshing too.

 When we visit every single Chinese dim sum restaurant, sure my hubby will order this....
<蜜汁叉烧包> Steamed Bun with Honey Barbeque Pork (3 pieces)

帝味小笼包 Steamed Shanghainese Dumpling (3 pieces), you must eat this immediate when is hot. For us, we have too many good food to eat, when the time i bite this little thing to my mouth, is cold and not yummy anymore, so I am here to warn you not to when it cold.

This is just like a piece of art.... Charcoal bean curd, good to see, good to eat.

黄金鲍扒炭烧豆腐蔬 (10.00)
Braised whole abalone with bean curd in pumpkin gravy

This is Shanghai style "Nian Gao", because we are Malaysian, so always need chili in almost every meal, i will definitely recommend you to try out the sambal chilli.... so delicious.

雪菜肉丝炒年糕 (32.00)
                Stir-fried Shanghai glutinous rice cake with shredded p0rk and preserved vegetables

香云耳松菇 (16.00)                                                                                                      Fried Honshimeji mushroom with fungus and Chinese rice wine                                                               

      人参炖糯米鸡汤(45.00)                                                                                                                                     Double-boiled fresh ginseng soup with spring chicken stuffed with glutinous                           

Everyday is offering RM1 Dim Sum buy now (click HERE)

Di Wei Chinese Cuisine

Di Wei Chinese Restaurant is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel. The other entrance will be via Empire Shopping Gallery from the first floor. For reservations or details, please call             03-5565 1268       or             03-5565 1388      .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super GP Caffee - USJ10

Well.... always pass by this restaurant on my way home, but never have a chance to eat in. Finally, we are invited to have buka puasa at GP with my lovely friend.

This restaurant is really eye catchy, because they are one of the biggest Motorsport theme restaurant in Malaysia.

If you are Motorsport fans, you will definitely  love this place.

I personally love their PIZZA the most, and is really value for money.

Selamat Buka Puasa...

Again, you must try this Chicken Mushroom Burger, is juicy and great coleslaw i ever have it before. I want more... one bowl is not enough. 

They have too much good food.... I sure will come back to try them all.

Visit Super GP Caffee at 55A, Jalan USJ10/1F, Taipan, USJ, Subang.

Get a good deal at

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Double Happiness - Kofuku Japanese Cuisine at Seri Pacific Hotel

Another great dinning experience at Seri Pacific Hotel. I had been eating many Japanese food now a day. I really strongly recommend "Kofuku" - mean double happiness (Japanese)

Nice dinning ambiance with nice & friendly waitress serving us.

Teppanyaki is definately one of my favorite.

One of the reason why i love teppanyaki because a good chef will entertain us with the flaming.

No matter what, you must try the bake oyster, I love it so much. Although is bake, but it is still very juicy and the cheese did not cover the oyster taste.

This is my first time drinking Sake, but i still prefer my Jack Daniel.

Even our Ex prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir also visited this restaurant. You should give it a try too.

Dessert is always my favorite too, Chocolate Fondue will make me super happy... I wish i can deep into the chocolate sauce too.

The Company
Seri Pacific Hotel(Kofuku)
Jalan Putra, P.O. Box 11468,
50746, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:03-40425555  (for reservation)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home-made Pork Burger

To find a good delicious pork burger is difficult in Malaysia, instead buying from restaurant, poshies kitchen Executive Chef (Mr. Bryan Chia) would like to share us some trick how to made Pork Burger less then 45mins.

The main ingredient sure is the mince pork, to make it more delicious, bryan had add in some mince prawn as well. To flavor, add in salt, pepper, egg yolk, once you had make in even then add in some corn flour to make  dough. I would suggest you to use non stick wok and add in little olive oil and fry it cook.

The bread, butter and bake it, set a site ready for use. I personally love onion, so we slice onion, cucumber, tomato as side ingredient for this delicious pork burger .

Our executive chef is very particular, he fried some onion omelet, so we can have tall tower of burger.

I am also a cheese lover, thanks to my sister's boyfriend - Sacha from Netherland, they give me this lovely cream cheese, so i decide to make double cheese pork burger, cream cheese + cheddar cheese.

Very filling, and yet is much more healthier then u buy those frozen burger meat in the market.

Hope you are enjoy reading... simple and easy just like 1, 2, 3